Top IoT disruptors faced by the horse industry

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Published October 22, 2020   |   

When we talk about horses, they have been the most non-aggressive and forgiving animals since the medieval ages. They have always been a helping hand to the men in the world. They helped them conquer various lands, giving them the power to move from one country to the other exploring and creating new civilizations. It could have been not easy to do all this without horsepower, and we all know it somewhere!

In today’s world, horses are no longer used as a source of carrying weights and helping a man; they are mainly looked at for their ferocious beauty and grace-filled power. They have a different meaning in the world than they used to have before.

You see a horse running beside the sea in a photo, and you get awestruck by the beauty and the freedom it has gained today.

Now, horses are utilized for sports and still need to be fed and have to be given adequate care to keep its performance on the top. Managing the horses in the right way has become a great business on its own and has employed a lot more people than you think in a single country.

Taking care of these amazing creatures has always been a pleasure until technology enters the field and starts disrupting the process. Here are the top 8 disruptors have entered in the equine industry:

Robots, Horse lifting, and the CT scans

When equines get injured, robots are being designed, which will lift the horses carefully without hurting them. There are chances when the horse’s life can be at stake, and it is imperative to take them safely and carefully.

When the horse gets injured internally, a standard CT scanner will not be useful for a massive body structure. CT Scanners such as Equimagine help a horse get scanned in about 90 seconds. It takes over 900 images of the horse’s body with high quality and multi-planer 3D photos. All this can be done without giving the horse any sedation. Crazy right?


To detect an appropriate movement and population of the wild horses, The Bureau of Land Management is considering the use of drones without scaring the hell out of the noise which helicopters produce which results in scarring and scattering of the horses.

These drones can also be used to deliver required medications and injections for the treatment of wild horses to the vets. No wonder technology puts everything at ease!

3D printing and the Horseshoe

A 3D horseshoe printing technology has been created by the CSIRO in Australia to analyze the Horseshoe in a better way through the imaging software. It will help them understand and analyze the Horseshoe in a better way to create a better shoe for the comfort and performance of the horse.

This 3D printer has the capability of producing casts, splints, or even prosthetics for animals who have injured their bones due to any reason. So, now when incidents like these happen, a horse need not suffer and can be treated in a better and advanced way.

Augmented Reality

The body of the horses produces infrared rays which cannot be detected by the human eye. For this, the equine thermography uses a camera that is further used to detect issues related to horses’ backs, bones, ligaments, and muscles as well as nerves. All this information reaches the treating facility way before the horse starts showing the symptoms. Early tracking of problems won’t cause any harm to the horses which have to compete on the ground during sports activities and various other events. The trial will get solved way before they start feeling it, resulting in no change in the performance.

Wearable sensors

These are some sensors attached to the horse’s body which helps you detect the daily condition of the horses utilizing some real-time data. This technology is used by more than 80 countries today! This technology helps the vets to understand a horse’s body and the entire species in a better way. It could lead to more technological advancement when we talk about treating the horses in a better manner.

Artificial Intelligence

Since the invention of AI, things have drastically changed in the world. Now taking out information has become so much easier and better. From a few devices and sensors, the entire anatomy of a horse’s body can be detected and researched accordingly. Equimeter is one of those devices which uses AI to monitor and give insights to the trainers in the horse racing industry. With the performance, it also detects the conditions of the track, humidity, and temperature, etc. which gives the trainers an idea of what all things they can do to improve the horse’s performance on the track.

Virtual Reality

Practicing surgeries can be a challenging task, and when we talk about some complicated horse surgeries, they require the right hand of surgeons. Various types of surgeries can be performed via virtual reality classrooms. This might be an expensive technique but, helps minimize the time and energy invested. With the experience which the practitioners have already gained virtually, the surgery cases may be handled more professionally with all the expertise required.


It is a secure global database technology made primarily to ensure that the information does not get corrupted by using a decentralized system of information management. The equine industry can use this platform to store valuable information regarding the horses which are not to be leaked to everybody. There are a lot of people in this industry who are microchipping the horses to collect the required information and keep it safe with the owner or the vet they are going for the treatment and care of the horses.

Gone are the days where things were handled in traditional ways. Now IoT has turned everything upside down, and with the help of new technology, we can eliminate any mistakes and help the world get advanced and better.