Transforming customer feedback to customer delight in real-time

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Published April 4, 2015   |   
Sweta Ramdas

Businesses have been collecting feedback from their customers for a long time. Knowing if the customer is satisfied will help in retaining the customers and creating a sense of loyalty among them. Satisfying customers, improving their experience and delighting them are abstract terms, mostly qualitative. The amount of data that businesses have collected about their customers is massive and with the power of the right tools, they can analyse this data, quantify the level of customer satisfaction in real-time and take measures to improve the customer’s experience.
But there is a problem. Meet Peter, who owns a restaurant in New York. He has instructed his wait staff to hand a feedback form to his customers between the times they ask for the check and make the payment. Peter checks all the feedback and suggestions at the end of every week. But, by that time, there is too much data and it is rather difficult to analyse the feedback received and also get back to individual customers who have complained about the product or service.
For example, if a diner in Peter’s restaurant was not pleased with the service, he will write that down in the feedback survey sheet. Since Peter reads all feedback at the end of the week, it is too late. By that time, the diner would have complained about the restaurant to his friends and also posted a bad review on social media. Is there any ways to avoid such situations?
Yes. CloudCherry’s software is a tool to map the customer sentiment and delight in real-time. The application can be used via multi-channels like mobile, tablet and web. On the dashboard, users can check the Net Promoter Score, the Customer Delight Meter and the words used most often by the customers in the feedback. The software is designed for any customer centric business for example, retail, banking, hospitality, food & beverages, beauty & wellness et al.
With real-time feedback via the software, customer sentiment can be measured and drilled down to multiple levels. For example, one can measure how many women in the age group 25-40 who were first time visitors liked the ambience compared to the men with the same specifications. As the customer’s delight is quantitative, there is scope for improvement.
If Peter’s restaurant used this real-time feedback application, the manager’s smart-phone will beep with the notification of the diner displeased with the service.  He can go up to the diner’s table and apologise for the poor service. He may offer free wine or waive 50% off from the bill. The diner may post about the gesture on social media and Peter may have just earned a loyal customer!
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