The ultimate GDPR guide for marketers and businesses

Published January 12, 2018   |   

With the prospect of GDPR looming – many of us are starting to ask a lot of questions about the regulation, and what it means for our business. The astronomical penalties that will come into place for those found not complying with GDPR has lead to it becoming one of the most talked about issues in the world of business, and more specifically in marketing sphere.
It’s for that reason the Head of Marketing at leading UK-based SaaS business AppInstitute, Nabeena Mali, wrote this monster 6000+ word guide to help fellow marketers and businesses alike get to know these new regulations. The article gives a rundown of what exactly GDPR is, what it means for you, and an FAQ section answering 21 of the most searched questions relating to GDPR.
Wondering whether GDPR will affect UK businesses after Brexit? Or even if it will affect you at all? Maybe you’re a USA based business. Will you need to start thinking about GDPR compliance?
Learn the answers to these questions and more including what types of marketing will need to take extra care after the GDPR comes into effect – and some key actionable tips for ensuring your employees remain compliant with the new standard.
Check it out here: