White Paper: How hotels provide amazing guest service using Big Data

Published June 25, 2015   |   

Many hospitality companies are using big data today to understand trends and obtain additional customers. Many more hospitality companies want to comprehend the value of obtaining big data or correlating big data with data from their systems.
For many years, hotels and resorts have used big data to understand the current customers and obtain new customers, matching attractive customer profiles with current guests who have stayed. Some of these older big data companies seeded their initial data with government census data, purchasing income surveys from warranty cards the people sent into companies, and buying mailing lists
Read to understand how companies are using big data initiatives to ‘magically’ provide amazing guest service. What does the future hold? What are possible pitfalls? What else does the future bring?
Equally important, it is vital to measure and understand how to track the changes in metrics and KPIs as a result of new big data initiatives.
As Tim O’Reily commented, ‘We’re entering a New World in which data may be more important than software.”
Click here to download the White Paper: Making Sense of Big Data: How the industry molds the vast stores of data into usable content for customer outreach