Why cybersecurity training is crucial for your business – Infographic

Published September 6, 2018   |   

Do you know the biggest threat to your business does not need to come from outside, but from within?
Internal security threats do not necessarily mean spies being sent in by your competitors to crash your business, just as we see in the movies; rather it can be your employees — the same people you have entrusted with the goings on of your operations.
It’s not that they are plotting against you, and usually, they don’t even know that they are putting your business in danger. The reason why your employees are such a threat to your business has to do with something that you probably would never expect. What is it? – Carelessness.
With just a click of a mouse, your staff could visit a site infected with spam and spread a virus throughout your entire computer system or use the same password for their business-related accounts that they use for their personal accounts. Usually, they don’t mean to do any harm, but their carelessness can wreak havoc on your business and extensive and sometimes irreparable damage. In fact, the carelessness of your employees could even end up costing you your business.
For these reasons, it’s important for business owners to pay attention to cybersecurity; nay, it’s essential for business owners to pay attention to cybersecurity.
No matter how your business is attacked, the cost could be astronomical. In fact, it is estimated that the cost of cyber-attacks can exceed $20,000! Considering how easy it is for hackers to acquire sensitive information and the damage that they can do, cybersecurity training is vital for your business; in fact, it’s one of the best investments you can make.
Check out the following infographic from Everycloud Spam Filter to know ‘Why Cyber Security Training Is Crucial For Your Business’.

Why Cybersecurity Training is Crucial for your Business