Why should you learn to code in 2020?

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Published November 4, 2020   |   

Coding is increasingly becoming a popular study option for many. However, why should you learn to code? Learning some basics about programming is overly beneficial for both tech and non-tech enthusiasts. Regardless of your current type of job, learning how to code in 2020 comes with many benefits. Outlined below are some of the reasons why learning to code is of much importance.

Helps in Solving Problems

Learning the basics of programming provides a better understanding of computers. Coding helps individuals become smarter and think differently, as it involves solving complicated problems by dividing them into small parts that can be solved individually. Learning how to solve problems this way helps develop a detail-oriented approach to problems, which makes you smarter. To ease your introduction into coding, you should find simple and beginner languages that won’t discourage your coding programming journey.

Makes You Competitive

Whether you are working as a sales agent, marketing, or design department, learning how to code makes you an important team member. By learning to code, you can easily develop a website; build a responsive landing page, and more without hiring external help. Besides saving time and money, you become a competitive and powerful applicant to any job with coding skills.

Boost Creativity

Coding is among the few technical occupations that require intense creativity. However, you can’t be creative if you don’t think outside the box. As mentioned, programming involves solving problems. Coders should innovatively find new solutions to the same or new problems, which nurtures creativity.

Saves Time

Coding is a sure way of saving time and effort while increasing productivity. With the right coding knowledge, you can automate several tasks and programs, such as Excel, saving time while providing more control over applications. Learning programming languages such as Python have automation abilities, which can be beneficial in automating manual tasks.

Programming is the Future

With the current technologically advancing world, coding is increasingly becoming a useful skill. That said, there is a high demand for computer programmers with increasing opportunities every other day. Most businesses rely on computer systems and applications, which can only be created by coding experts. Apart from being a competitive job applicant, coding opens up more employment opportunities, regardless of your industry of specialization. Employees with coding skills will be highly sought after in the next few years.

Lucrative Career Option

Just like engineering and health courses have been preferable courses for a long time, coding is likely to become among the few lucrative careers, especially as the world appreciates computing and automation. Current coding experts with certifications from coding Bootcamps earn good salaries as well.

To Become an Entrepreneur

Another good reason why you should learn coding is to become an entrepreneur. Becoming a programmer doesn’t limit you to employment, as you can start your business. Since most current products are digital, becoming a digital entrepreneur is highly rewarding. Even if you don’t start digital products or service related business, you can still benefit from coding skills, such as building your website or developing an app that will promote your venture.

Doesn’t Require Special Qualifications

Unlike other courses, learning to code doesn’t have strict requirements. Becoming an experienced coder requires that you learn some of the key programming languages and develop some projects. The fact that Facebook, Google, and other global tech companies currently consider and hire programmers based on experience and knowledge. Getting employed in such companies doesn’t matter if you are a graduate or not. Their mode of employment involves online competitions, where applicants submit their projects as the CV.

Bottom Line

There are several reasons to learn to code. The only barrier to becoming a coding expert is finding the best coding courses and the cost of coding programs. Fortunately, you can take advantage of discounts if you can find them. Veterans may benefit from the G.I Bill, which offers benefits at some coding Bootcamps.