Why these women in tech love Crayon Data!

Published April 7, 2022   |   

Why is Crayon a great place to work? We won’t tell you. But these Crayons will. Scroll down to find out why they chose to work with us. And what keeps them here!

Malvika Elango, Customer Success Manager

Crayons live and breathe our value, “The mission is the boss.” This statement has had the biggest positive impact on my experience in working with other Crayons. It gives you an opportunity to step up, express opinions and take charge, irrespective of how young you may be.

Devaki Gopalan, Director – Program Management

For anyone curious about working at Crayon, I would say join because of the people. They’re skilled, curious, innovative and fun…The intelligence and passion with which they talk about AI is very refreshing. The exchange of thoughts and ideas keeps you challenged and interested.

Maadhusri Ulaganathan, Customer Scientist

Crayons are highly talented and experts in the domains they handle. They are helpful and always willing to share their knowledge. I’ve also felt that one’s voice or opinions will never be unheard. You will feel like you are being recognized and have visibility. 

Kanimozhi U, Head of Data Science

At Crayon, our vision is to simplify the world’s choices. I focus essentially on simplicity and clarity while sharing our work with colleagues. Especially those who are in non-tech roles. While we think data, we also craft experiences, so that everyone is on the same page.

Deepti Agarwal, Product Manager

Crayons are helpful, approachable, and relentless in their execution. They are also detailed in planning which has allowed me to expand my vision and perspective. There’s never a dull day at Crayon.

Shruthi Viswanathan, Data Engineer

One of my favorite Crayon values is “Practice constructive candor”. While we do some cool things on the work front, we’re also focused on consistent feedback, appreciation and sharing new tech developments with each other.

Akshaya Sreedhar, Sales Enablement Manager

One of the coolest things we’ve worked on is cracking down on some very specific pain points of a major client. We went beyond just delivering the product. We were involved in adoption and value delivery. The focus is on driving customer elation, not just customer satisfaction.

Vidhya Nair, Bazaar Lead

What drew me in is Crayon’s vision of addressing lack of relevance as well as its commitment to respect consumer privacy. The diversity of people with varied expertise but the adherence to key values such as teamwork and mission makes Crayon a fabulous place to be.

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