What Word Clouds Can Teach You About Your Business?

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Published October 19, 2019   |   

Word clouds, also referred to as tag clouds are a way to characterize the content of a block of text visually. The text for the word cloud can be pulled from websites, blogs, and social media profiles. A word cloud will pull out the most common words found in the text and show them in a way that lets the viewers know that words are used in the text and with what sort of frequency.

There are three types of word cloud applications that are distinguished by their meaning.

  • Frequency signifies the number of times a word has been applied to a single item. The frequency type is useful in displaying metadata about a subject that has been chosen. Size signifies the number of items in a tag has been applied, which represents its popularity.
  • Significance represents the importance of an item in the data. Significance relies on comparing the document frequencies to the deliveries.
  • Categorization tags are a method for content items. Categorization tags are represented in a cloud where they serve the number of content items.

Word clouds are represented using inline HTML elements. The words can appear in alphabetical order, in random order, they can be sorted by weight, etc.  Furthermore, visual properties are manipulated in addition to font sizes, such as the font color, intensity, and weight. The most popular word cloud arrangement is a rectangle with alphabetic sorting in a chronological line by line layout.

The term word cloud is being used with more regularity and with good measure.

Word clouds have numerous useful applications for social media marketing, such as:

  • Getting to know your customers and how they view your business. Ask your supporters to post words that they think define your brand. Send all the answers into a word cloud generator to understand what the most common impressions of your brand are.
  • Familiarize yourself with how you represent your product. Present a blog, website, or social media profile for a candid look at the content that is occurring most regularly in your content. There you can see if they are in line with your intended messaging.
  • Understand your competition. Recognize a business who has a similar target market and online presence with customers you want to reach. Create a word cloud from their content to get a clear picture of what words and themes hook your target market.

Statistics visualizations such as charts, graphs, infographics, and more are tools to give businesses an appreciated way to communicate valuable information at a glance. But if your data is text-based, and you want to be able to visualize essential points, using a word cloud can make data sizzle and immediately convey crucial information.

World cloud visualizations can be excellent tools for a business, for example, analyzing customer feedback. A word cloud made of a collection of customer feedback can let you see what customers like most about your business and where you could improve.

The word cloud generators provide useful applications such as:

  • Deconstruct employee or customer feedback – a word cloud can help you visually see the words that customers use to describe your business, or how employees feel about the work they do. If you’ve done customer surveys or employee evaluations, you can drop the text data into a generator and see what keywords emerge. This can allow you to review the cloud results with your team to discuss what words may regularly be appearing.
  • Observe the success of your written communications – is your social marketing making the impact on your customers you want it too? Copy and paste a few pages of your blog or newsletter to a word cloud generator to check if you have a recurring theme or term to improve your writing.
  • Identify SEO terms – are the keywords you are using ranking high in online searches? You can focus more on words that gain high SEO recognition and add them to your webpages to get a more top ranking on online searches.
  • Help people understand your mission and vision – a word cloud can help align your employees and the public with your business’s mission and vision. By grabbing text from sources that represent your missing and vision and create a word cloud.

Word clouds are an essential visual aid to highlight keywords that your business is focusing on. They offer a visible picture of text data and let you pick up on important words that customers might be using to describe you or how employees perceive the business. It gives you the chance to view and change how you are considered to get people focusing on the right words.