Top 33 most noted Data Scientists on Twitter

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Published June 27, 2014   |   
Baiju NT

Do you follow these 33 most notable Data Scientists on Twitter?
1. Hilary Mason @hmason
Data Scientist in Residence at @accel. I ♥ data and cheeseburgers.
2. John Myles White @johnmyleswhite
Scientist at Facebook and Julia developer. Author of Machine Learning for Hackers and Bandit Algorithms for Website Optimization. Tweets reflect my views only.
3. Peter Skomoroch @peteskomoroch
Creating intelligent systems to automate tasks & improve decisions. Entrepreneur, ex Principal Data Scientist @LinkedIn. Machine Learning, Product, Networks
4. Gregory Piatetsky @kdnuggets
KDnuggets President, Analytics/Big Data/Data Mining/Data Science expert, KDD & SIGKDD co-founder, was Chief Scientist at 2 startups, part-time philosopher.
5. Ryan Rosario @DataJunkie
Machine Learning Engineer at Facebook: statistician & computer scientist. Natural language processing, network analysis, modeling. UCLA Bruin. Opinions my own.
6. DJ Patil @dpatil
Building products at RelateIQ –
7. Jeff Hammerbacher @hackingdata
@techammer @hammer_lab @cloudera
8. David Smith @revodavid
Blogger, R evangelist and Chief Community Officer at Revolution Analytics —
9. Christopher D. Long @octonion
JMI data scientist and thoroughbred analyst. Consultant for the Houston Rockets and an unnamed MLB team.
10. Carla Gentry @data_nerd
Data Scientist, Data_Nerd Founder Analytical-Solution. What can your data do for you? Measure, Segment, Research and Data Analysis – keys for increasing ROI
11. Ben Lorica @bigdata
Chief Data Scientist @OReillyMedia. Director of Content Strategy @strataconf. Aspirant Parisien. Every Sunday is a Hack Day.
12. Siah @siah
Just finished a PhD at Berkeley. Silicon Valley Scientist. Machine Learning, HCI, Data Science and Statistics. Addicted to coffee and in love with @marjoo
13. Ferenc Huszar @fhuszar
VC data scientist at @Balderton. Previously at @PeerIndex
14. Drew Conway @drewconway
Data nerd, hacker, student of conflict.
15. Michael Wu Ph.D. @mich8elwu
Scientist: Big Data, Gamification, Influence, Predictive Social Analytic, Cyber Anthropology, Social Network Analysis, Machine Learning, Community Dynamics
16. Matt Wood @mza
Amazon Web Services
17. Olivier Grisel @ogrisel
Datageek, engineer @Parietal_INRIA, contributor to scikit-learn. I like Python, NumPy, Spark & interested in Machine Learning, NLProc, {Big|Linked|Open} Data.
18. Josh Wills @josh_wills
Data Scientist and Apache Crunch committer. I mostly tweet about #hadoop and postmodern lit. Yeah, I know.
19. John Foreman @John4man
Chief Data Scientist @MailChimp. My new book Data Smart ( ) is out from @WileyTech.
20. Jake Porway @jakeporway
Believer in tech+data for beautiful purposes || Director @DataKind || TV nerd @NatGeoChannel || Fiercely optimistic
21. Andrew Ng @AndrewYNg
Chief Scientist of Baidu; Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; Stanford CS faculty. #machinelearning, #deeplearning #MOOCs, #edtech
22. Eric Xu (徐宥) @mathena
Data Scientist at Google. Things I enjoy: arts, cooking, martial arts, musicals, painting, philosophy, skateboarding and Zen.
23. Monica Rogati @mrogati
Data @ Jawbone. Turned data into stories & products at LinkedIn. Text mining, applied machine learning, recommender systems. Ex-gamer, ex-machine coder; namer.
24. P. Oscar Boykin @posco
Human @ Twitter, runner, Programming, Hadoop, Scala, co-author of @scalding, @summingbird
25. Benedikt Koehler @furukama
Backpacker Data Scientist • Passionate about Number Crunching, Machine Learning & Big Data • Food & Craft Beer • Hadoop, Python & R • Soc PhD • Dad & Dog Owner
26. David Gutelius @gutelius
Founded the @dataguild. I like startups, data of all sizes, economics, network dynamics, adventure, national insecurities, and improving things.
27. Marck Vaisman @wahalulu
Data Scientist & consultant. Master munger and hacker. Data Community DC Co-Founder. Dad. Geek. Kid at heart ¡venezolano con orgullo!
28. Andreas Weigend @aweigend
Social Data Lab
29. Amy Heineike @aheineike
Director of Mathematics @Quidlabs. Bring on the algorithms!
30. Sebastian Thrun @SebastianThrun
CEO Udacity, Research professor at Stanford, member of National Academy of Engineering, serial entrepreneur.
31. Jen Lowe @datatelling
gonzo dataist for hire. I connect people + numbers + words. Teaching @SVADSI. Taught @ITP_NYU. Researched @S_I_D_L. Cofounded @sfpc_school. #desertgrown
32. Doug Cutting @cutting
33. Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne
PhD DataScientist Astrophysicist, Top #BigData Influencer. Passions: #DataScience, #DataMining, Astroinformatics, #CitizenScience
34. Vincent Granville @analyticbridge