What are the skill sets data scientists need to succeed?

Published June 27, 2014   |   
Suzanne Kattau

Thousands of new data jobs will be created in the next couple of years, making “data scientist” one of the hottest emerging job titles. New data jobs will center on “analytics, data architects, data scientists [and] data modelers,” according to Inhi Cho Suh, Vice President and General Manager of Big Data, Integration & Governance at IBM. But what skill sets do you need to develop to become a data scientist?

At the recently concluded Hadoop Summit 2014, IBM’s Suh and other guests joined theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Frick, John Furrier and Jeff Kelly to discuss needed data scientist skill sets as well as the talent shortage. “[The] talent gap continues to be a big issue,” summarized John Furrier, founder of SiliconANGLE. “There’s a huge demand for data scientists.”

A data scientist is described in many ways. According to Josh Wills, Senior Director of Data Science at Cloudera, it’s a “person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineering than any statistician,” he wrote in a May 3, 2012 tweet @josh_wills. Also, data scientists must know math, statistics, experiments, causal inference, machine learning, and software, according to a blog post by data scientist Trey Causey.

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