Marry internal enterprise data with external data
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Digitize procurement and increase sales of B2B products

With a B2B marketplace of tech products, and personalized partner and product recommendations for sellers

Accelerate B2B Sales
B2B selling is still intuition led. 65% of B2B sales organizations will transition from intuition-based to data-driven decision making by 2026.’s B2B Sales AI Studio gives sellers relevant product and partner recommendations

  • B2B tech distributors have access to AI-led sales intelligence to drive revenue
  • B2B sellers push more products and services in less time, using a data and AI-led approach that connects them to the right users
Focus on business impact
Focus on business impact DaaS pre-integrates with enterprise data and estimates impact
Intuitive 3-click experience
Intuitive 3-click experience CXaaS provides B2C like buying experience for every buyer
icon Personalized recommendations
Personalized recommendations RaaS recommends relevant products for every buyer
Scalable supply
Scalable supply MaaS provides supply of products and simplifies onboarding
B2B marketplace of technology products
77% of B2B buyers state that their latest purchase was very complex
45% of their buying time is spent on research.

Enable buyers to try tech and analytics products before they buy


A B2B marketplace of tech products provides an intuitive, seamless and digitally engaging B2B buying experience

icon Customer Taste Print
Clean Enterprise Data DaaS cleans messy enterprise data and enriches it with external data
icon Intuitive
Seamless User Experience CXaaS provides an application for sellers to understand customers, vendors, partners, products and services
icon Personalized recommendations
Relevant Recommendations RaaS recommends relevant products, services, and partners for every sale