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Engage customers
for a greater share of their wallet

With lifestyle merchant and financial product recommendations, enable your bank to drive customer engagement

Personalized Lifestyle Marketplace
Digital giants like Amazon, Spotify, Netflix have changed customer expectations and behavior

Customers expect a marketplace-like experience in banking as well. 61% of customers are ready to go beyond banking with their primary retail bank



  • Increase customer engagement through a personalized lifestyle marketplace tailored to their preferences
  • Benefit from more active customers and increased portfolio spends
Financial product recommendation
Less than 10% of retail banking customers hold 3 or more financial products with a single bank

Highly digitally engaged consumers have 4.4 products with their main bank compared to only 2.7 for the digitally unengaged



  • Increase your cross-product holding through AI-led cross-sell/up-sell models
  • Benefit from more active customers and increased portfolio spends’s modular magic for consumer banks

icon Customer Taste Print
Customer Taste Print
Data-as-a-Service cleans messy enterprise data and enriches it with external data to create a unique customer Taste Print
icon Personalized recommendations
Personalized choices
Recommendation-as-a-Service presents relevant banking and lifestyle products for every customer
icon Intuitive
Intuitive experience
Customer Experience-as-a-Service provides seamless, omnichannel experiences through white-labelled consumer facing apps/web apps/ widgets