Revitalizing Cardholder Engagement: Personalized Campaign Triumph for a Leading Global Issuer in the Middle East
AI B2C Marketplace
Data Studio
AI Studio

The challenge

In the thriving Middle Eastern market, leading card issuer client faced challenges in personalizing campaigns and marketing communication.

The mission was clear: activate dormant customers, especially in specific categories, streamline portfolio growth, and slash high TAT in campaigns.

magic of

The triumvirate of AI B2C Marketplace, AI Studio, and Data Studio paved the way for a transformative solution.

Crayon Data helped in ingesting, cleaning, and enriching customer transactions. This enriched data to decipher customer taste, facilitating precise offer targeting.

The results

The results echo the success of strategic campaign personalization, operational efficiency, and substantial financial growth.
~16.4M USD (6.2% lift)
Annualized incremental spends
10% test VS 7.5% control
Customer activation rate
20 hours VS 2 hours
Campaign execution time
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