5 Machine Learning and AI podcasts you should listen to

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Published August 23, 2018   |   

Machine Learning and AI podcasts
Earlier, I’d written an article on a couple of podcasts for those interested in learning about data science and analytics. And while data science is still a relevant and booming industry today, the tech world has since then moved onto other things – artificial intelligence.
AI and machine learning are one of the fastest growing fields. Not only in terms of research and development, but also in terms of entrepreneurship. A startling number of start-ups, as well as established tech giants, are invested in the advancement of the field. And are contributing to it as well. So, if you’re interested in learning about all that is happening inside the AI industry, here are a couple of podcasts that should be of help.
1. Talking Machines started in 2015 by Katherine Gorman and Ryan Adams. Now hosted by Gorman and Neil Lawrence, the podcast’s aim is to bring out conversations on topics related to machine learning, robotics, and It holds discussions with industry experts on the latest trends, news and useful insights in the field. Described as the window into the world of machine learning, the podcast is also a great source of information for people new to the field. And while many have complained about the quality of the audio, the overall content for the show is relevant, new and extremely insightful.
2. Machine Learning Guide is a podcast series which aims to help listeners learn the A to Z of machine learning. Topics range from basic intuition, algorithms, math to programming languages, deep learning, and The podcast also acts as a curator of great digital resources for the topics that discussed in the episodes. So, listeners to explore them in depth. The host of Machine Learning Guide has also recently launched a new podcast – Machine Learning Applied. This one is exclusively about the practical use cases of machine learning fundamentals discussed in the other podcast.
3. This Week in Machine Learning & AI (or TWiML&AI for short) is a popular podcast hosted by Sam Charrington. It is targeted mostly towards machine learning and AI enthusiasts who belong to quite an influential community of engineers, data scientists, tech-savvy business and IT leaders and developers. The podcast acts as a platform where industry experts and innovators in the industry can share new ideas. Topics of discussions include deep learning natural language processing, neural networks, analytics and more. It also explores the practical use of AI in the real world.
4. Artificial Intelligence in the Industry with Dan Faggella is a podcast which aims to make AI more interesting. It’s hosted by Dan Faggella, who is the CEO and founder of TechEmergence. Every week, Faggella interviews top AI and machine learning experts which include executives from tech giants like Google, Facebook, eBay and more. These discussions provide insight on the applications of AI, as well as its consequential implications in the industry. It’s a great podcast to listen for those who are interested in learning what’s current, new and upcoming in the AI world.
5. Concerning AI, hosted by Ted Sarvata and Brandon Sanders, is a podcast which attempts to answer one question – Is there an existential risk to humanity from AI? If so, what do we do about it? (Ok, that’s two questions). It offers a slightly different perspective on the advancement of AI and its fast-growing industry. The hosts discuss potential threats and plausible risks of the growing influence of AI in society. And what steps that can be taken as counter-measures. It’s an interesting listen for those curious about where AI can take the world.