5 R training programs for developers

Published July 14, 2014   |   
Mellisa Tolentino

There’s little surprise in seeing Java top the list of popular programming languages for 2014, but another language is gaining traction. R, the free software programming language and developer environment for statistical computing and graphics, cracked IEEE Spectrum’s top 10 list this year. With today’s wealth of data, statistical computing plays a huge role in making sense of Big Data, and companies including IBM, Revolution Analytics, Teradata Aster and Pivotal have focused on making R enterprise ready.

We can expect R to play a bigger role in the coming years as more devices connect to the Internet, creating more data, which means there could be an increase in the demand for people with the knowledge in R.  Question now is, who offers the best R training or courses?

5 R training programs for developers


Udemy is an online service that offers courses on almost any topic imaginable. The virtual classroom teaches classes from math and science, health and fitness, photography, and even R.  If you’re just starting with R, you can choose from a number of training courses. Some are free, some cost $99– such as “Introduction to R” and “Learn R by Doing”. Others can cost up to a few hundred bucks and provide unlimited access to teaching materials.

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