Top 7 myths about Data Analytics Outsourcing in India

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Published January 14, 2015   |   
Dr. Alok Aggarwal

In 2001, the Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) industry in India had only 9,000 professionals and it generated approximately USD 260 million in revenue. By 2007, it grew over to 75,000 professionals and in 2014, to 166,000, generating annual revenue of USD 6.21 billion. But is the industry far from hypes and myths which have little – or no connection – to reality? Here are the seven myths about the data analytics outsourcing in India, leading the industry from a boom to a bust!
Myth 1: Shortage of Data Scientists in the U.S can be fulfilled by those in India.
Myth 2: Graduates in India can be converted into Data Scientists by providing 3-6 months of training.
Myth 3: Data Management and Analytics Professionals from India can be charged at almost the same rates as those in the United States.
Myth 4: Attrition within the Analytics Outsourcing Industry in India is low.
Myth 5: This time it is different with Data Analytics Outsourcing.
Myth 6: By creating a few “software macros” or home-grown visualization software, a Data Analytics Services company can differentiate itself to get a premium valuation.
Myth 7: Valuations for Analytics Outsourcing Companies will be significantly higher than that of other KPO companies.

To read more about the facts and myths about KPO in India, download this paper “Data Analytics Outsourcing to India: Does the Emperor have any Clues?” from here