Crayon Data launches knowledge tank for all things big data

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Published January 15, 2015   |   

Appeared on Financial Express
Big data is driving innovation, business success and job opportunities everywhere on a large and rapid scale. Most often, big data professionals, investors, job seekers and students are clueless on where to look for the right information, thanks to the flood of big data resources on the web. So, the need of the hour today, is for a central resource that provides an in-depth overview and helps one navigate the big data landscape.
To address this need, ‘Big Data-Made Simple’ (BDMS) is all set to create a global knowledge tank of everything big data, with its brand new design and features.
Big Data Made Simple, powered by leading big data start-up Crayon Data, is a one-of-its-kind online platform that curates, aggregates and generates news, trends and information on big data related topics.
It covers 20 sectors in big data, such as Banking, Finance, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Health, Marketing and more. On the technology front, it hosts articles on Analytics, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining and Data Visualization. It also has information on events, books and videos in the big data space.
“Big data is currently a booming industry and professionals across sectors find it a challenge to find the right information on big data products and technologies. In the course of our work with our clients, we realized that they struggle to find information, especially in sectors like retail and banking. This prompted us to build a resource website for our customers and internal stakeholders.” Crayon’s co-founder Srikant Sastri said.
Big Data Made Simple is currently being re-launched with a new fresh look and exciting new features, such as an option to follow favourite authors, setting up notifications, a listing of top contributors, books, partners and much more.
Srikant further added “Since its humble start in 2014, the website has expanded exponentially with over 6000+ active subscribers across 150+ countries. Its new design and improved features will surely enhance our knowledge sharing experience. Ultimately, our aim is to build a global knowledge community for all big data enthusiasts,”
Having partnered with several big data events like BigData TechCon and Pharma Extrabyte, and with universities across Europe and US in the past one year, BDMS is looking to draw further interest among big data enthusiasts and key decision makers, with its well-curated big data repository.