8 things to consider before you purchase HR technology

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Published December 31, 2019   |   

The technological revolution is an ongoing process. Every day more and more tech is introduced into all sorts of different fields, from sports therapy, to film production to sales departments. The adoption of these technological tools is usually dependent on the sorts of people that work within certain areas.

What to consider when looking for the right HR tools

Tech for HR already has legs to stand on, certainly from a data perspective. But there are things about human resources which give reason to pause before jumping in to invest in more tech. So, here are some things worth considering before taking the leap.

#1 Consider pre-existing technological upgrades

When you are looking at introducing new technology into an office it’s always worth looking at what sort of upgrades have already occurred. Dumping a new system, complete with AI and all the other bells and whistles on an office that only ventures as far as Microsoft Office in terms of its technology could be a problem. You have to be familiar with how well the system will integrate technologically speaking and on a user front.

#2 So a thorough examination of the product

Launching your new HR department specifications with software that some guy recommended to you in the bar at a conference one time isn’t likely to be behaving in the most optimized way. Before paying for any system, you want to make sure you have compared all of your options and are choosing the best for your company.

#3 Decide if it’s necessary

Sometimes, jumping on the technology bandwagon isn’t the greatest idea. Bad reasons for upgrading an HR department with technology are ‘looking cool’, ‘trying to be like other HR departments’ or ‘feeling obliged to move with the times’. HR isn’t a department that needs loads of tech by its nature. Be strict on yourself and decide whether your justifications are good and proper.

#4 Make allowance for aftercare

The more advanced the technology, the more rarified air the air in which those who actually understand it exist. When you opt to put in technology for your HR department, you have to stop and think whether you have a system in place to support the technology after its initial introduction. Having people on site with an actual grasp of the upgrade will be vital at times.

#5 Get a demonstration

Technology descriptions, somewhat like the descriptions for films, can be somewhat helpful and somewhat unhelpful. It’s always better to see what the technology is capable of first hand. It’s very useful, where possible, to look for demonstrations, online or person, for the technology before making your final decision. Sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

#6 Look for something that’s upgradeable

When picking your software you want to be responding to the aforementioned fact that technology moves very fast. The best way to do that is to check whether your software gets upgraded by its developers frequently. Things will change inevitably and allowing for that with the flexibility to move with the change could prove vital.

#7 Mobile (and alternative) viewer capacities

Companies handle operations more and more on the go. It’s irresponsible to install most types of tech if they don’t have any options at all for mobile and tablet operation or the like. Make sure that this is always a part of whatever upgrade you end up going for.

#8 Security is key

HR is a department which handles very sensitive information, the most sensitive in the business likely. It’s so, so important that you have a great system in place to secure your data. Whatever upgrade you get; it will be vulnerable to hacks. And you need to mitigate this possibility.


Exercising caution is going to be a very important part of putting together your new HR tech hub. Before buying anything, or committing to buying anything, you must look at your situation and the product itself with great care to guarantee the best possible outcome.