Top 10 HR Analytics tools in 2018

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Published June 6, 2018   |   

Larger companies call for more employees. And more employees mean that there’s a whole lot of employee data to manage and use. So, your HR team is probably frazzled with a lot of extra work to do. With a single team of people managing so many different functions, they must wish certain tasks can simply happen with a more ease and a lot less effort. That’s why it’s important for larger companies to invest HR analytics tools to help keep better track of their employee data.

Why You Need People Analytics

While the decisions of all departments in a company are vital to the success of your business, an HR team’s functioning determines the set up and health of your workforce. In today’s business environment, your employees are the number one key to your success. But as industries and organisations grow, the number of employees in a company is much more. What happens to all that employee data? How will it be managed. That’s where people analytics or HR analytics come into play.

People analytics software examines employee data and helps provide actionable insight based on these databases. The potential use for these insights are limitless. They would help in formulating a better recruitment strategy, improve employee engagement and help tighten performance management. These tools not only help HR personnel to understand the company employees’ talents, capabilities and productivity, but also help them understand their sentiments to programs that benefit them and the company.

How to Find the Right Tools

You can prevent catastrophe (like an angry employee mob) only with excellent planning. For that you need data and research. But there are a lot of tools out there which help in various aspects of talent management. It’s important that you pick the tools that correlate to your company’s work and your employee base. The tools you pick should help with the following:

  • Plan future employment needs based on predictive analysis instead of simply reacting to challenges you didn’t expect
  • Get visual HR metrics
  • Analyze the current environment
  • Help you manage your team better with tools such as measuring their performance
  • Plan your budget

If you haven’t tried this approach to HR yet, this is what you’re missing out on an easier and efficient way to manage your employee data. We have a list of the 10 best people analytics tools that should do the job for you.

Zoho People

You can get an all in one solution because this software program helps you manage your HR as well as giving you analytics. It can help you with leave, attendance and time tracking so you don’t have to do it manually anymore.
Its main area of analytics is performance appraisal. You can draw performance reports, so you know who is your ‘Rough Diamond’ and which ‘Talent Risk’ needs extra mentorship.

The fact that employee self appraisal is part of the setup will have your team feel more connected with each other and the company.

Zoho People is excellent to gauge how your current team performs, but you may need something different if you need to improve your employee intake process

IBM Kenexa

This IBM product is quality software for both small and medium businesses. Its focus is on helping companies find and then retain quality employees. Therefore, the analytics features you find here can be applied to help make you a very attractive employer.

We love that this tool is not only focused on what’s going on inside the business but helps you plan where the business is supposed to move towards.

It’s a cloud-based system that can be accessed via Android, Windows or iOS. Training and support systems are in place to help you use it optimally.

People Analytics by TrenData

One of the best ways to measure your success in terms of HR is to keep track of your turnover rate. If your people keep leaving, there’s something wrong.

This is one of the analytics tools People Analytics offers you. This and other trends can easily be tracked on a very intuitive interface.

The brand also provides training on various platforms making it easy to implement. Users do hope that using more external factors—instead of only internal data—will become part of the system in future updates. Try the free trial version if you think this is for you.

Oracle HR Analytics

Why not use one program across your entire business? This tool is part of Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications. It’s designed to improve analysis in terms of customers, suppliers and your bottom line.

A user’s dashboard can be customized so a manager can easily find exactly what he or she is looking for. With the tool incorporating data from all over the business the user has a realistic view of the current circumstances.


The magic of this tool is that the developers recognized the problem of data being in several places. If it’s not centralized, you can’t use it optimally. This tool puts the data together and pushes out actionable analytics.

You can align the analytics with your specific objectives. The system allows much customization so no matter your question you can search for the answer.


What is analytics really for? It’s about empowering you to make dynamic decisions. This is the motivation behind Crunchr.
The app is scalable and intuitive so it’s easy to learn & implement in your unique setup.

With the analytics from this software you’ll realize where there are gaps in competency. This serves as foundation for your HR action plans to source the right candidates and develop the employees you have.

Aurion Analytics

The benefit with Aurion is all the visual presentation you get from the data that is analyzed. Tables or graphs are usually easier to understand than facts and figures, so it makes the data you have more meaningful. It’s an easy add on to other Aurion products.

Advance Systems

This will make your HR functioning effortless and accurate. With Advance Systems’ BI tool, you get real time feedback so the data you use for decision making is current and relevant.

This specific tool caters for experienced HR personnel who want to design reports—with tables, pivots and gauges—as well as standard users that will benefit using the many templates. You can have your customized dashboard built by the brand so you only view what’s relevant to your daily tasks.
Advance Systems Inc. provides products for both handling current teams and managing applications for available positions.
Integrated in all of this you’ll get feedback and analysis functions, so you can determine where you need more assistance.
It’s relevant to many industries including healthcare, hospitality and retail.

Talentsoft Analytics

With Talentsoft Analytics you get many user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop options and private dashboards. You get feedback on KPIs so your decision making becomes easier and accurate because it’s based on real time data. Best of all is that there’s a free trial option so you can see if this is for you before investing money.


You also get a free trial with BambooHR. This software is designed around making your proactive instead of reactive with HR responsibilities such as workforce planning. It offers many templates but with one of the advanced packages, you can customize them to suit your unique needs.

In Conclusion

Remember your business is unique. You have the benefit of many different products at your disposal, so you can pick the options that fit best with the unique blend of people in your company. Make a list of what you want to know and then invest in the software that will give you the insight you need.