Aarti Ramakrishnan talks diversity, entrepreneurship and more on The Prodcast

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Published October 15, 2021   |   

What does diversity mean at Crayon? “It’s about creating a stage for equal opportunity at every turn. For the hiring team, it’s about actively searching for women engineers, so that in a final shortlist, we have as many of them to evaluate as men. And once they come in, how do we mentor them? Not just for leadership roles, but for challenges in life,” says Aarti Ramakrishnan.  

Our co-founder and COO chatted with Padmini Janaki, host of The Prodcast, about her take on feminism, and what it takes to create a fair workplace. “It’s not just about the women at Crayon. It has always been about how we can support women in our extended circle. By speaking to the men in our company – the ones who are getting married, raising families. [We] hope that our approach is a ripple that influences fathers, husbands, brothers to support their daughters, wives, sisters,” she adds.  

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