Aarti Ramakrishnan on the Unofficial Women in Power List for Southeast Asia’s tech community

Published January 17, 2023   |   
Tech in Asia

Getting more women in power is still a work in progress. But Maria Li, Chief Operating Officer at Tech in Asia, is tired of hearing, “I couldn’t think of any women for my team/event/board.”

This was the genesis for the Unofficial Women in Power List, featuring leaders from Southeast Asia’s tech community. And Aarti Ramakrishnan, COO and co-founder of Crayon Data, is now part of this list. Check out the full list of 170+ leaders here.

This will be an ever-evolving repository of women driving Southeast Asia’s tech and startup ecosystem, with monthly updates.

Nominations at this link will be welcome through the year based on the below criteria:

  • Founders: 5+ years operating or Series A and beyond
  • Investor: 3+ years at the Partner or Venture Partner level
  • Tech executives: 3+ years in a C-level, MD, or GM role

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