Aisera Seed Funding Success is a Good Omen for AI-Based Customer Service

Published April 9, 2020   |   

A few years ago, many companies were skeptical about the benefits of artificial intelligence. The opportunities that it provides have become a lot clearer these days. A growing number of companies are exploring the benefits of artificial intelligence in customer service.

You can see the sudden demand for AI customer service options by analyzing the companies that create the solutions that they are predicated on. The growing demand for their services and the sizable investments in the companies that deliver them shows that there is a growing need for these solutions.

Aisera Demonstrates the Demand for Machine Learning in Customer Service

Aisera is an excellent example of this. This is a company that uses machine learning to automate a number of customer service tasks. The platform has a number of features that have proven to be invaluable to countless businesses. A lot of the applications are reserved for handling internal processes to help a company run more efficiently. However, the features also enable companies to streamline the processes involved with engaging with outside stakeholders. This has made it considerably easier for businesses to carve out a competitive edge by delivering a sound customer service.

Aisera recently participated in a $50 million seed funding campaign. The number of investors that have pledged to support the company is incredible. Aisera and other AI platforms that offer high quality customer service options is likely to increase even more in the future.

The company posted revenue growth of 350% over the past year. They accomplished this robust growth by significantly expanding their list of customers, as well as reaching larger clients with deeper pockets. The companies that Aisera is working with includes MacAfee, Autodesk and Unisys.

The sudden interest in Aisera is indicative of the need for machine learning in the customer service sector. More companies will embrace new technology to get the most value out of their customer service resources.

 There are countless ways that AI can help with customer service. These benefits include:

  • Using predictive analytics models to better understand future customer needs. This will help companies make sure they have sufficient staff and train them to handle the right inquiries.
  • Improving the performance of chat bots that are programmed to handle customer questions. They use machine learning to determine what questions customers are asking the most and provide the most accurate answers.
  • Optimizing resources that help customers solve problems on their own. Customers can use content on company websites to find the answers they are looking for. However, the internal search engines often need to use machine learning to figure out what customers are looking for, because customers can use a number of search queries that the search engine was not originally programmed to handle.

However, companies also need to make sure that they are investing in the right AI solutions. There is a lot of confusion about artificial intelligence among many companies. My colleague recently wrote an article discussing the inconsistencies between polls on the number of companies using artificial intelligence to run their organizations. He cited a meta-analysis of different surveys to make this point. One study from salesforce found that 64% of companies are using artificial intelligence to some degree or another. Another poll found that only 4% of companies are investing in artificial intelligence technology.  The difference is attributed to companies not understanding what artificial intelligence is.

This is a clear concern. Many companies might strongly benefit from investing in AI technology to improve their customer service models. The problem is that they might be easily duped into investing in low quality solutions.