Aviation Needs to Tap Big Data for Engine Design, Maintenance

Published May 31, 2013   |   

The aerospace industry, and specifically jet engine manufacturers and the airlines that are their customers, need to catch up with the Big Data revolution, writes Wikibon Big Data Analyst & Principal Research Contributor Jeff Kelly in his latest Wikibon Alert, “Big Data in the Aviation Industry“.

Big Data analysis of the huge amounts of data that are and theoretically could be captured from a jet engine in operation could provide important benefits in the area of engine maintenance by identifying developing problems early. This would allow airlines to do the right maintenance at the right time to prevent failures, reducing aircraft “down time” which would save the airlines money while providing better service to customers. It would also contribute to engine efficiency improvements, which would mean planes would burn less fuel and emit fewer contaminating gasses.

Big Data analysis starting in the engine design and test phase would help the manufacturers produce more efficient, more dependable engines, for instance by identifying parts that could be strengthened through design changes. This would increase safety and value to the manufacturers’ clients.

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