Big Data – Hype, Reality, Bill Gates and the Buddha

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Published June 2, 2013   |   

Today’s NYT carried a very good blog post on the six myths surrounding big data.
Contrast this with another equally good  article on the premise of Big Data – that “…hidden in all that information lies a hyper-resolution map of the world’s behavior in space and time. It’s a representation of human life and the natural world with a fidelity we have never had before…”.
There will be proponents of both stories…. I covered some of the pitfalls and promises in my earlier posts  and will elaborate more on this in the days ahead
The only truth to me seems to be that when it comes to big data, we are somewhere on that famous Buddhist Middle Path… the hype is probably over-stating the immediate value, but the long-term promise seems far far higher than anything that is being  envisaged today.
After all, a few years ago, very few were  even talking about the potential uses of data we are seeing today. As Bill Gates once said, ‘We always overestimate the change that will   occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten’.
What’s your take, reader?