Can artificial intelligence diagnose and cure diseases?

Published November 30, 2017   |   

Probably in just a few years, it would difficult to find a doctor who would be sitting there with a white coat and stethoscope. Rather, your next doctor could be a bot or an automated program. And, the reason why I am making such a statement is nothing but the accelerated rate with which the graph of AI Intelligence’s success is going up.

Yes! The potential research studies have even shown that AI can even cure a dangerous disease like cancer. The researchers and experts from various parts of the world have further proven through various inventions that AI is doing wonders in the medical world.

Moreover, according to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, it seems like that the market for AI would reach up to $ 6 billion by 2021. The hospitals in almost all corners of the world constantly look for innovative approaches to increase their efficiency in treatment and get better patient outcomes.

The sole reason for the professionals of such health-centers to bear such a mindset is that there has been a massive shift to a value-based reimbursement model recently which is being ushered in with nothing but the Affordable Care Act. So, if I say that Artificial Intelligence is going to take the healthcare industry to another level then it wouldn’t be wrong at all. Isn’t it?

Well, below are some of the significant ways through which artificial intelligence is creating such a remarkable difference in curing diseases. Just have a look!

Management of diseases

For the patients with chronic diseases, AI comes up as nothing less than a boon nowadays! Recently, a tool called Cognitive Clouds has been developed by CognitiveScale, a company which is based in Austin, TX.

Doctors use this tool to diagnose their patient’s health and tailor the care accordingly. The Intermountain Healthcare of Utah used this system in a pilot program so that it can lead the teens to cope up with the Type 1 diabetes transition with self-care as the adults.

Diagnosing and treating diseases

To remain updated with the latest medical knowledge is something that is quite impossible for the doctors to do nowadays, thanks to the really vast range of innovative works that is happening around the world all the time.

But, Watson’s AI is capable of using cognitive computing to find different patterns for the doctors which finally help them curate better treatment regimens.

For the clinical trials

One of the most complicated issues that doctors usually face is that most of the time they are not able to find out the perfect clinical trial for a patient when there is a huge number of options available all around.

But, in today’s modern generation, one of the most innovative artificial intelligence based application i.e., Watson, reads through hundreds of clinical trial protocols to find out the specific one for a particular patient and communicate it back to the doctor.

Makes wellness easy

The Welltok’s Cafewell Concierge app which is based on Watson’s cognitive abilities offers customized health solutions for each of its consumers. This app is so fantastic that it employs Watson’s natural language processing capabilities to assess the activity goals of users and encourage them to meet the same.

This is not the end! In the future, Watson is planning to partner with Johnson & Johnson so that they both can collaboratively help the patients with joint replacement issues to manage their health through Artificial Intelligence.

Robotic Therapeutics

Who doesn’t want to care for their loved ones who suffer from mortal diseases? But, it is even an undeniable fact that in doing so there has been a more or less cathartic effect on the normal people’s health over the time.

But, now, various therapeutic animal robots have been developed using artificial intelligence to help the patients with disease like Alzheimer to recover soon. These robotic pets nurture the brain function of such patients while delaying the cognitive problems which finally improves the quality of their lives.

Final Thoughts

So, it is quite an obvious fact that artificial intelligence is something that is not only creating a revolution in the fields like space research, entertainment etc. but also it has hit the noble sector of medicine to a great extent.

Further, apart from just gentrifying the current healthcare scenario, it is expected that Artificial Intelligence would certainly lead the episodes of treating any disease turn out to be simply superb and efficient!!