Total Performance Data (TPD) is the future of in-play betting?

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Published December 3, 2017   |   

The sports betting industry is certainly one that never stands still. With the advances made on the technology front and the growing popularity of online betting, it’s important that operators continue to find ways to keep up with the latest trends. Customers are always on the lookout for new ways to bet and with plenty of rival firms out there, it’s vital that things continue to evolve over time. Total Performance Data , or TPD as it’s referred to, could be about to change the industry once again.
When In-Play betting came in, the online betting world was transformed. This is because punters could place bets based on what they were seeing as a football match or other sporting event took place. This was always going to be a big hit with gamblers as they’d feel that they would be able to make more accurate decisions when it came to placing bets on a sporting event. If a fan was watching an event such as Premier League game, they’d also likely have access to some standard statistics too, which would only strengthen their advantage further.
Total Performance Data is an innovative new system that would see trackers attached to the saddlecloths of horses to provide even provide in-depth data back to the betting operators. This would open the door for In-Play betting on horse racing in the same manner as seen with football over the years. There are already ways to bet live during races but the use of TPD would propel in-play betting into the mainstream, especially when the process becomes automated.
The concept has already become reality with The Guardian confirming that one leading online casino betting operator just having launched their in-running race betting service. There is definitely an appetite for this type of betting with market sources expecting it to account for up to 30% of the total of horse racing wagers.
It would also benefit gamblers too. They’d be able to do their research or obtain vital statistics that would assist them in gaining a perceived edge when it came to betting on horse racing once again. There could be markets such as which horse will complete the fastest furlong and this would be ideal for clued up punters. TPD certainly open up a whole new world of opportunity when it comes to betting on one of the most popular gambled on sports around the world; and no doubt innovative online bookmakers like Unibet will be embracing the concept.
You could say that the implementation of technology such as TPD is vital in keeping horse racing alive in some ways. In years gone by, punters were more than happy to place their bets before races took place, like they were also happy to bet on football before kick-off too. Nowadays though, over 80% of sports betting that takes place is done In-Play. The market has shifted considerably due to people gambling online and on mobile. Sports who fail to move with the times could be left behind.
The use of TPD to bring in in-play betting into the horse racing arena will be a huge marketing tool too. It’s common to see in-play betting with the latest live odds advertised on television and social media while a sporting event is underway and with horse racing broadcast in the same ways, it’s likely to be advertised in the same manner. Total Performance Data and In-Play betting on horse racing could be a real game changer for the industry.