Crayon Data predicts USD 1 Bn market value for personalization in UAE

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Published October 20, 2022   |   

Source: Al-Bayan and Emarat Al Youm

Date: 19-Oct-22

Suresh Shankar, Founder and CEO of Crayon Data was recently featured in 2 leading Arabic newspapers. He talks about the industry potential and the market value of personalization in UAE.

Al Bayan

Headline Translation:

“AED 3.7 billion is the value of personalization services in the UAE according to Crayon Data”

Emarat Al Youm

Headline translation:

“$1 billion is the value of personalization services in the UAE according to Crayon Data”

Interview brief:

Suresh Shankar, CEO and founder of Crayon Data says, “Dubai is the original headquarters for us to serve our clients in the GCC like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). We will also double our team in Dubai.”

He also added that the MEA region has great potential and Dubai is the perfect destination to serve these markets. “Dubai is an important hub for us for many reasons. First, it’s easy to attract talent from all over the world to the UAE. Second, there are a huge number of big companies in this country which makes it easier for us to expand our portfolio. Third, there are so many ventures capital and private equity companies that can play a major part in supporting our growth.

“Our flagship platform, enables businesses to provide personalization to their customers to a much greater degree. That is the core of our service. AI-led organizations typically follow the ETL (extract, transform and load) process to obtain meaning from their data. We do things a little differently”, he added.

“We follow a decentralized method of processing data where we decouple the data producers from the data servers and brokers, which in turn are decoupled from the consumers. Through this segmented and highly differentiated process, we can increase efficiencies with a data fabric that can be manipulated any way we want without much friction. Our architecture is also cloud agnostic which means that it supports all data while ensuring data consistency for any data transfer.

We also provide our clients with external data for additional insights. This is added to the large data lake and from this lake, we glean insights which enable us to understand the relationship between different variables across multiple dimensions of analysis and modelling,” he concluded.

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