Crayon Data’s ode to Gordon Moore

Published March 30, 2023   |   
Team Crayon Data

Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, and one of the most influential figures in the history of computing, passed on March 24, 2023. His groundbreaking observation, known as Moore’s Law, predicted that the number of transistors on a microchip would double every two years, leading to exponential growth in processing power and dramatic reductions in cost. 

Moore’s Law has held true for over five decades, driving the rapid pace of technological progress and transforming the world as we know it. From personal computers to smartphones, from the internet to artificial intelligence, Moore’s vision and foresight have helped to shape the digital age. 

But his contributions to science and technology extend far beyond his famous prediction. He was a pioneering researcher in semiconductor physics, helping to develop the integrated circuit technology that revolutionized electronics. He was also a dedicated philanthropist, supporting education, conservation, and scientific research through his foundation. 

Moore’s legacy will continue to inspire and inform future generations of innovators and entrepreneurs. His vision, creativity, and passion for discovery have had a profound impact on the world, and we are all in his debt.  

At Crayon Data, we believe we would not be here without Moore’s vision. Here’s our tribute to the man.  

An Ode to Moore’s Law 

Out of the chips that Moore’s Law does bring,
And the smarts of AI that make us sing,
Comes the customer experience, a true domain,
That makes our hearts leap, and our joy sustain. 

Like the spirit of Maya’s verse,
Customer experience is more than just a purse
It’s the way enterprises grow, despite the pain,
And that’s the value Crayon brings, again and again. 

Moore’s Law, AI, and personalization too,
A funny mix, but hear me through,
They all converge, and they all blend,
To make our tech, our world transcend. 

First, there’s Moore’s Law, the granddaddy of chips,
Making our computers faster than our hips,
And then there’s AI, that’s smart as a whip,
It learns and grows, with every chip,   

And last but not least, personalization’s key,
Customizing our tech, to you and me, 

From data streams that never cease,
To algorithms that bring peace,  

The world has changed, that’s for sure,
And personalization, it’s the real allure.
From tailored ads to products galore,
It’s what customers want, and so much more. 

But it’s not just the tech that’s driving this trend,
It’s the care and empathy that we must tend,
For customers are people, with needs and wants,
And it’s the “hyper-relevance” that really haunts. 

So, let’s raise a glass to Moore’s Law,
And “relentless” evolution that’s a global draw,
Thanks to the crazy souls, for the progress we’ve seen,
It is beyond our wildest dreams, we’ve gleaned.