Data analytics can take you places that you can’t imagine

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Published May 22, 2017   |   

Analytics has been a well-known strategy to identify opportunities, streamline work, and take decisions. Almost all businesses in some form or other make use of analytics. The scheduled annual appraisals in a company is a simple example of analytics usage.
While usage of analytics is not new, big data is. Identified with volume, velocity, and variety, big data has opened a room full of opportunities for enterprises. Companies have for long maintained a data pool, and data analytics help you make use of that pile of data which had just been lying around. The focus of this blog is on how data analytics can help your business and why is it important to incorporate data analytics to have a successful business.

Get What Matters

Before proceeding to how analytics can change your business. It is important to understand that analytics heavily relies on the data sets that are analyzed and therefore, it is extremely important that the data is pertinent. Drawing inferences from data that is obsolete or irrelevant would give you useless results that would not benefit you in any way.

Importance in Business

You would have read multiple times that data analytics can help businesses grow. And, here the areas in which data analytics help.

  • Decision Making: In businesses, everything boils down to that one last decision or a choice that entrepreneurs have to make. A classic imagination of boardroom meetings will have a person standing near the whiteboard which a bar graph. That is the power of analytics. Business heads get to see streamlined data that can empower them to make right decisions which have very little chances of failing.
  • Prospect Seizing: Data analytics can help you seize the right opportunity by studying the consumer purchase patterns. This means that you get an insight into the world where everything is black and white. You would get a clear view of what will be successful and what won’t with almost no risk. You can customize your products in a way that would suit more consumers which in return would increase your sales.
  • Relationship Building: Customers are at the center of service-oriented businesses and you want to manage the customer and guest relation exceptionally. Analytics help you look into a customer’s past data and allow you to tailor-make services for him or her. Besides, Software can be used to send reminders and communicate with a customer making him or her feel valued. Once you have loyal customers, you have a long way to go.
  • Change Embracing: Employees often find it difficult to embrace some changes that an employer wants to implement. But, if you can back your decisions with data analytics that are difficult to refute then, embracing a change will be comparatively easy for employees. This would promote internal satisfaction. There is evidence to support that businesses which have happy employees are more productive.

The benefits that data analysis can lend to your business are numerous but this comes with a responsibility. You would be required to hire professional analysts who are well-versed with the big data analytics solutions techniques and strategies involved in deriving meaning out of datasets. It also means that you would need to acquire data from the right sources and by right means. Giving access to that data to responsible parties is also a must because respecting the privacy of consumers should be the topmost priority.
We would love to hear from you on your data analytics experiences, how it has helped you, and how likely are you to recommend it to a friend. Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.