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Published May 18, 2017   |   

Data—we are surrounded by it. We create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. More and more industries have begun to leverage data for business growth. And this has given rise to the big data revolution.
The demand for data scientists has seen a steady rise over the years and by 2018 there is going to be 1 million new data science roles that will have to be filled.
The Harvard Business Review described “Data Scientist” as one of the sexiest jobs of the 21st century and Glassdoor labelled it “the best job of 2016.” And rightly so! Data scientists possess the ability to extract and derive insights which can help organizations make amends and regulate the future production and in turn avoid wastage. An understanding of what aspect needs to be implemented in various sectors gives data scientists an edge over the others.
The skills of a data scientist is what set them apart and make them one of the most in-demand professionals in the world.

The best places for data scientists to work:

Data scientists are popular worldwide. There are, however, a few places around the world that offer much higher salaries and the demand is larger.
The O’Reilly Salary Survey shows that the United States of America has the highest median salary and range for data scientists.

But which is the most lucrative location to work in?

Payscale reports an uplift of 23% for Mountain View – where Google and LinkedIn are headquartered. The report also showed that living in California was worth an extra $16,000 salary.
A report by shows the top places for data scientists to work. The top paying areas in the United States were taken and compared to the cost of living indexes for each city. State tax rate was subtracted for the median salary for a data scientist ($105,000) and the result obtained is shown in the following chart:
The findings from this table:
#1 San Jose is where you can make the most as a data scientist with a lower cost of living and a higher salary differential.
#2 Cities like Austin and Los Angeles seem like bad options to consider given their base salary but when you take into consideration the cost of living, it makes them much better options compared to the other tech hubs in the country.

Best states in the US for Data Scientists to work:

With US standing at the top of the list, GoodCall conducted a survey to find out which were the top cities for data scientists to work in. And here is what they found:
According to the report, these are the top 10 national cities for data scientists:
These are the top 10 large cities for data scientists: report2
Here is the link to the entire report
The top 14 highest paying data scientist jobs today according to Paysa
1. Lyft – $167,000
2. Facebook – $159,000
3. Amazon – $151,000
4. WalMart – $140,000
5. eBay – $137,000
6. Retail Solutions – $130,000
7. Kanjoya, Inc. – $129,000
8. Intuit – $128,000
9. GateHouse Media – $125,000
10. Maana, Inc. – $125,000
11. MediaMath – $118,000
12. FactSet – $116,000
13. TransVoyant – $113,000
14. Morgan Stanley – $105,000


The big data revolution is only beginning. We are yet to see its peak. Companies are in desperate search for talent to help them figure out the insights that are hidden in their data. And the best way to find your way around this data and land the most happening job of the century is with certification training.
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