From the Drawing Board – Hemal Shah, Sales Engineer

Published February 16, 2021   |   

From the drawing board - Hemal 6

What is the most exciting or challenging thing you’ve learned?

Coming from a conventional service-based background, I found it the most difficult to adopt a product-first mindset when crafting solutions for our clients. Crayon has taught me to challenge the status quo – just because things have been done a certain way doesn’t make it the right way.

Crayon has a well-balanced team that is very close knitted. Crayons from different functions can easily communicate with each other, which allows us to have focused conversations. In our cross-functional calls, we set clear objectives and outcomes to align everyone’s expectations. It’s much more efficient to work this way than the traditional approach of talking to different team members separately. I feel that we work very well together as a team!

What is it like working with Crayons?

The best word to describe my experience at Crayon so far is ‘wholesome’. The team truly brings out the best in me and always has my back.  In my role, I collaborate with people across functions, and everyone brings in such remarkable levels of expertise. Crayons have so much zeal and energy to achieve our mission of simplifying the world’s choices – their drive really propels you to keep moving forward.

I’m fortunate to work in a team of diverse mindsets and experiences. Crayons demonstrate positivity, support, respect, and are bold in action to achieve our very best.

What are some of the skills/tech and tools you’ve picked up from your time as a sales engineer at Crayon?

As a Sales Engineer, my main responsibilities are to understand our customers’ pain points and craft solutions to address them. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes to get our solutions across to them in a clear and compelling way.

First, I examine how our product capabilities best fit any given business problem. After which, I collaborate with different teams from Technology to Go-to-market and project manage the delivery of the solution to the clients.

My work demands expert usage of the standard Office tools. I also try to learn a thing or two about cloud technologies, AI/ML, recommendation systems, etc. to keep up with new developments in our industry.

What kind of support do you receive from your teammates / the company?

Crayons are immensely talented, and I am glad to be part of a team that constantly pushes you to become better. From day one, I’ve received support from the company in terms of onboarding, L&D, ensuring efficient and seamless engagement with my peers, my team and other teams. The list goes on… and support never stops coming in as long as you need it!

What makes Crayon a fantastic place to work is how everyone is given the responsibility with the freedom to try new things, tread uncharted waters and own the results.