From the drawing board – Saravana Hari Guru, Senior Software Engineer

Published December 30, 2020   |   

From the drawing board Saravana 12

What is the most exciting thing you’ve learned?

I specialize in application backend development. I love that I get to explore big data technologies and different tech stacks. These include Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL databases and cloud services.  

The core of our product is a content-based recommendation engine. And it’s currently used by multiple clients. I worked on the end-to-end implementation of this recommendation engine and learnt a lot of new things along the way. I also work with serverless computing to scale our platform and solutions.   

What are some of the tech and tools you use in your role?

These are some of the tech and tools I get to work with in my role: 

  • Springboot, Java, NodeJS 
  • Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure 
  • Hadoop, Spark, Airflow 
  • NoSQL databases – Couchbase, Cosmo DB, Elasticsearch 

What is it like working with Crayons?

Crayons have strong technical skills. At the end of every discussion or meeting, I always learn something new from them. The team is ever ready to help when someone encounters a problem. For instance, when I run into any issues or blockers, they will offer to pitch in and help. There is also a flat hierarchy and an open-door policy. I can easily reach out to Crayons of any position or from any team. And yes, that includes our CEO!  

What kind of support do you receive from your teammates / the company?

One of our company values is “Responsibility with freedom”. And this really come through in the way the management trusts that we will execute to the best of our abilities. The company gives us the freedom to explore new technologies, which allows us to push our boundaries. This way, we get to learn and expand our horizons, while we improve our platform’s performance.