From the Drawing Board: Maadhusri Ulaganathan, Customer Scientist

Published March 25, 2021   |   

From the drawing board Madhusri 6

This week on the From the Drawing Board, we asked Crayon’s Maadhusri to write about her experience as a customer scientist 

As a the new addition to the Crayon Box, I’m excited to do three things:  

  1. Strategize the analytics side of business,  
  2. Work with new technologies to provide business solutions to the clients and,  
  3. Get the confidence to face new challenges 

In my role as a customer scientist, I get to interact with the clients, understand their business process and design algorithms using Python and SQL. As part of this process, I work with different teams and get the opportunity to understand Big Data engineering tools like Spark and Airflow. Although I was already familiar with these analytics tools before joining Crayon, I look forward to understanding these tools in-depth and how to use them efficiently. 

Life at Crayon 

Being new to this role, I rely on my team during transitions for existing processes and for clearing my doubts regarding ongoing tasks. They have been a great support, and there is always a discussion before finalising a decision. The team understands each other’s workloads, which makes things comfortable when we are delegating tasks. Multiple brains working to figure out business solutions is efficient only when the team works together. That’s the kind of support I have experienced here.  

Crayons are highly talented and experts in the domains they handle.  They are very helpful and are always willing to share their knowledge. The focus is on helping you grow as a team. One of the best parts about being a Crayon is that one’s voice or opinions will never be unheard. You will always feel like you are being recognised and have visibility.