From the Drawing Board: Sayan Dutta, Strategic Operations Specialist

Published June 24, 2021   |   
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When I first started, there was not much definition to my role. Over time, I have grown to have a fair idea of how this role contributes to the organization. My job is to actively look for areas in the organization that require improvement. Initially, it involved a lot of firefighting! We’ve now moved on to a reactive mode, and are slowly progressing towards being pro-active.  

I got to learn a couple of new performance-enhancing tools, like and Zoho. Understanding the need for such tools, the process of selecting and onboarding them, has bolstered my work process. The end goal is to get to a point where we can predict the organization’s needs well ahead of time and start designing solutions for the same. 

Apart from tech, I’ve also learnt why communication is key.  

In my time at Crayon, I have worked on projects with various people. And every time, I come across this lesson in one form or another. Your communication style needs to vary according to the needs of the audience, while keeping the core message intact. This is an art and needs a lot of practice. I’ve imbibed this in my personal life too and things have bettered on this side of the fence as well. 

I have two favorite Crayon values. 

#MissionIsTheBoss & #ResponsibilityWithFreedom. They let one express themselves by doing things their own way, while keeping focus on the end goal. For instance, during the lockdown last year, I was allowed to come back home and deliver from here. The understanding that the leadership showed is something that helped a lot.  

I always wanted to work at a place where I could build stuff from the ground up. Not just mindlessly follow processes designed decades ago. And over here, I get an opportunity to do just that. 

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