From the Drawing Board: Vaishnavi Raman, Sales Operations Specialist

Published May 12, 2021   |   

Being a part of revenue operations, every day has been a new experience. While working with numbers and identifying discrepancies, what was expected out of me was always clear. #TheMissionIsTheBoss. This is my favorite Crayon Value, because when you have a clear mission, it makes it easier to reach your goal. In the current scenario, tech abilities like analytics and reporting skills, as well as CRM management, are key to my role. 

Lessons learnt at Crayon 

One of the best career lessons I have learnt at Crayon is that what you do matters [more than what you may think]. This is purely because of how the management trusts my work. I am allowed to own my projects, and with help from my manager, I am able to execute it faster.  

Since I enjoy what I do, I am not afraid of being held accountable for it. I have also had the opportunity to share my views directly with the leadership team, in situations where accuracy was an important factor.  

Being part of the Crayon squad  

My Crayons are my go-to people. There was a time during the pandemic, when Covid had affected my family, and I felt disconnected with what I was doing.  But my team made sure I wasn’t suffering in silence. They had my back, and helped me shift my perspective. Now I’m back to being happy and full of energy, enjoying every moment of this journey!