How AI will change the mobile app development industry

Published March 9, 2020   |   

The tech world has been permeated by a plethora of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, AR/VR and so forth. The following post emphasizes on how the concept of AI seems to be revolutionizing the mobile app industry in one go!

We have reached 2020, a world that’s even more fast-paced and user-centric, a space that surely holds a wide range of promising trends for the industry ranging from chatbots to augmented reality. But above all, artificial intelligence steals the show due to its prompt, real-time access to the content aspect. Every industry using AI for some time now like eCommerce, retail, energy, mobile & software app development etc. Earlier smartphone applications incorporated cloud-based and internet-dependent solutions but now things have certainly changed and of course, for good.

Let me show you how!

#1 Personalization to the next level

Personalization has been quite in demand for a while now. And it has the potential to pick up experiences from every client’s data, searches, and purchasing propensities. In fact, I have run over a significant number of you who have one of a kind encounters in light of the fact that the developed Android app offers personal recommendations based on individual preferences.

As we witness the intensity of AI, more apps are expected to be deployed in the market using artificial intelligence to increase engagement and enhance customer satisfaction. For example- Starbucks Barista, Amazon Go, and the list goes on! By consolidating AI, versatile applications arrive at another level as it tracks exact conduct of clients, predicts what they appreciate, and follows their directions by setting orders. Furthermore, this isn’t just about the front-end, it even incorporates the back-end in light of the fact that the tech effectively makes calculations by training machines to process data exactly like the human brain. Machines can normally realize what’s favored by customers toward the front end. Slowly and steadily mobile app developers are no longer taking AI as a threat.

#2 Enhanced Search 

Text and voice searches have become a bit little passé. In the present scenario, visual advertisements and text ads have taken place in finding better products by showcasing related names in case if you are unable to recall the exact description. Moreover, smartphones can be easily used for visual search technology. AI in the smartphones and mobile applications can help the developers to incorporate intuitive bunch of features such as a voice and image recognition in the smartphone. Moreover, the localization of applications can be done to increase lead conversion rates.

#3 Stay relevant

The inescapable effect offered by AI is shrewd applications turning into the new standard for organizations over the globe. Further speaking about the mobile app development realm, apps must stay relevant for the long run and this is possible only by focusing on data. Consider manners by which exact information can be gathered, data can be sustained to machines and how regularly will information input be required? Giving better client care will in the end set a phase for a noteworthy profit for the venture into the advancement procedure.

Popular companies like eBay whose mobile app has been downloaded like 370 million times create an intimate shopping experience (of course, with AI). The AI-powered visual search option helps buyers locate products without searching for long periods of time.

#4 Improved Security

Face unlock launched by Apple back in 2017 was a huge hit! Combined with Apple’s elaborate hardware, Apple iPhone X uses an AI-based algorithm for its face unlocking system. Using AI processing, the phone can easily identify the user’s face even with facial changes like specs or beard.

It may quite interest you to know that recently Google announced radar-based, hands-free gestures to face unlock. Sooner or later, things will become easier, faster and secure.

#5 Integrating both professional and personal lives

We have reached the time where sooner or later the concept of artificial intelligence will be integrated deeper into our both personal and professional lives. The future is right here! Moreover, frequent changes will be seen in the way mobile app developers perform day to day tasks, build apps and how consumers interact with products. Gone are the days when deploying apps with standard code was sufficient to assuage current clients who are getting increasingly acquainted with inventive innovations day by day.

Final Note

Basically, the new wave for machines to act and respond to commands in a much more humane way is quite in vogue! A recent report suggested that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. Nonetheless, the joining of AI with a versatile application is still in the beginning period. There is a great deal that can occur here. Your whole client experience can be enhanced utilizing AI. We as a whole need to see where AI can take application development to the next level.

So what are you waiting for? Keep up with the constant advancements of AI to stay relevant in the market.