How I fought against the second wave of Covid-19

Published May 20, 2021   |   

Date: 19th May, 2021

Source: Blogger (personal blog)

Attention: This is my personal health information (PHI) experience that I wish to share with you with the intent that it may benefit someone directly or indirectly.

Few of you have been aware that me and my family were tested positive and fought against the wave 2 of COVID-19. Even after being extremely cautious for more than a year, the deadly virus knocked on our door on 16th April 2021. Everyone in my family got the symptoms with fever and severe body pain. My sister and I consulted our family doctors to understand the next step of action: whether we needed to home quarantine or get hospitalised . (Please note that this is a situation where everyone should think ahead). We realized that the carrier of the infection was one of our relatives who had visited and stayed with us for a day and had minor symptoms of cold and cough which was taken lightly.

Given the current situation, now it’s time to think proactively and not panic. We needed to be supportive to other members in family to make them comfortable and surround them with positive vibes, which which was our number one priority. My mom and I had no symptoms after 2 days when we were following home remedies and the doctor-prescribed medicines. We were also routinely checking our O2 saturation level and temperature frequently.

The doctor we consulted has already treated 3400 people during wave-1 of the pandemic.

He also shared the few day-to-day symptoms, which we experienced first-hand.

Below  are our day-by-day symptoms.

Day 1:  Mild fever, cough, and severe body pain.

Day 2:  Severe fever with shivering and body pain.

Day 3: My mom and I had no fever, but severe body pain with excess sweating. My wife and sister had additional symptoms; diarrhea, severe fever, unbearable headaches and nausea.

Day 4: Body pain, excess sweating, and tiredness. For my wife and sister, the symptoms mentioned in Day 3 continued.

Day 5: Things started getting worse. While my mom and I were okay with the above symptoms (these reduced day by day as advised by our doctor). For my wife and sister, it got worse as they went into panic and also weakness.

Things neutralized for us after the 5th day, but the symptoms changed to next stage for my wife and sister, and they need to be hospitalized. However, my sister refused and stayed at home with all the home remedies. But my wife, with no other option, needed to get hospitalized.

Our doctor advised both of my wife and I to take a CT scan to understand the infection level as we have an infant to take care of. The CT report came back to indicate that my infection level was 9/25 (normal) and wife had 16/25, which is severe.

Day 6: Hospitalized, we were a little panicked as we feared of the hospital environment.

Day 7: Advised by doctor, we took multiple tests. My wife was prescribed steroids to bring the situation to normal.

Day 8: Things went a little haywire as the patient in the adjacent room also had COVID and her health is critical . In a few hours, we heard that she had passed away which made my wife panic more and become extremely anxious. I kept myself calm and cool, showing no fear on my face. But fear in real.

Day 9: We were following the medications, and the cough and body pain with the infection level in my wife’s lungs were getting settled.

Day 10: My mom and sister felt better and doing normal after following the below home remedies with doctor prescriptions.

Day 11: For us infection level dropped and the O2 saturation is normalized after taking steroids and medications.

Day 12: Discharged from hospital

Day 13-21: We were following the quarantine guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not think you are back to normal life. There are many post-effects after Wave-2, which I both faced and observed in my family members. I also spoke to a few of our colleagues also who had them. These are tiredness, body shivering, excess sweating, loss of hunger, cough and inability to concentrate.

Let me also share the home remedies and practices that we followed:

  1. In the morning gargle with hot water, with a pinch of turmeric and little rock salt to it.
  2. Boil a slice of lemon, crated ginger, cumin seeds, pinch of turmeric, 5-10 whole peppers in one glass of water and reduce it to half a glass. This needs to be consumed on an empty stomach.
  3. Steam using water infused with turmeric, eucalyptus oil/balm, neem, piece of lemon, cumin and cloves.
  4. For breakfast have a boiled egg and some light tiffen (like idiyappam, idli, dosa, appam). According to some sources, avoid wheat.
  5. Eat fruits: amla with honey and lime, oranges, mosambi, apples, and pomegranate juices.
  6. For lunch, have anything that is a little spicy and add more vegetables and raw meat.
  7. In the evening, have green or black tea. Or hot and sour vegetable soup.
  8. Steam again (with all above mentioned ingredients).
  9. For dinner, have light and oil-less food.
  10. Sleep for about 7–8 hours at night.

My Recommendations:

  1. Do not panic if you have tested positive.
  2. Eat healthy protein rich food.
  3. Do physical exercise, yoga and breathing exercises.
  4. Consume plenty of hot water, a minimum of 3 to 4 ltrs a day.
  5. Frequently steam inhale as required.
  6. Get proper rest and sleep 7 to 8 hours.
  7. Don’t take medication as per your wish or seeing social media. Always consult your doctor before you decide on what to take.