Crayon Data is one of top 10 data analytics startups redefining the Indian tech space

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Published May 20, 2021   |   

Date: May 20th, 2021

Source: IndustryWired

These top 10 Indian analytics startups are to look out for this year

According to a research report, the global big data market is expected to reach USD229.4 billion by 2025. This is no surprise as the use of big data and data analytics is growing each day. Businesses are rapidly adopting disruptive technologies and accelerating the potential of business intelligenceData is the digital currency today, and advancements in data analytics have enabled the major growth of companies. With this dynamic change in the business diaspora, we witnessed a huge emergence in startups across the world. India is one among those countries where the startup culture grew enormously. Startups in India have been receiving huge support from both the public and private sectors. Investments have been pouring into them, making the startups even more significant. Here is a list of the top 10 data analytics startups in India that have been benefitting different sectors and reshaping the tech space in India.


MuSigma provides business solutions and deploys a new decision-making approach through data mining and machine learning consulting. The company calls this solution a new Art of Problem Solving (AoPS). It is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, which capitalizes on big data analytics to solve problems and aids companies to achieve decision intelligence. MuSigma aims to harmonize data analytics and business services by providing analytics solutions according to the changing pace of business.


Founded in 2015, realbox is based out of Noida and specializes in analytics and business intelligence. The startup aims to integrate analytics into business flow through their Bi Software and enables companies to connect with data sources, simplify, and drive intelligent data analytics. Realbox leverages different voice assistants to announce the data analytics results and customers can prepare personalized data dashboards.


This startup based out of Bangalore has a global presence in various countries.   

GainInsights is committed to removing the friction between data and humans. They believe that data and analytics are too complicated, expensive, and difficult to use. Thus, it is necessary to bridge the gap. Their solutions include loyalty analytics, sales forecasting, market-based analytics, trade promotion optimization, risk management, fraud detection, and HR analytics. These services are spread over different industries including, retail, financial services, e-commerce, and more.

G Square

G Square offers plug-and-play data analytics and business intelligence tools. Based out of Mumbai, this startup promises hassle-free simplified business analytics to different industries like finance and marketing. G Square provides BI and analytics tools, which develop actionable insights. The services are business analytics, customer analytics, sales channel analytics, big data analytics, market risk analytics, and more. Their big data tool, Bigdator is capable of analyzing large loads of structured and unstructured data sets.


Germin8 is a social media intelligence provider based out of Mumbai. The startup helps companies analyze the data from different social media platforms and get real-time actionable insights. Germin8 Social Listening is a proprietary stakeholder insight, engagement, and social media listening platform provided by the startup. It gathers data from different social media sources, conversations, and stakeholder interactions, analyzes them, and provides intelligent industry-specific insights. Their services include online reputation management, product performance study, and brand perception study.

Aureus analytics

A customer intelligence and experience company launched in 2013, Aureus Analytics provides intelligent analytics and business solutions to the Insurance industry. Aureus Analytics provides household, claims, and fraud analytics to insurance companies and agencies. The startup has a strong presence in India and North America. Its proprietary algorithm SentiMeter leverages deep text analytics and AI to measure real-time customer experience.

Trendwise Analytics

Trendwise Analytics is based out of Bengaluru and is a Big Data, Analytics, and IoT company. The company offers, corporate training, business intelligence consulting, data science, data visualizationpredictive analyticsmarketing analytics, and many more services. The company leverages data analytics, AI, and machine learning to provide best-in-class business intelligence to its clients.


CropIn is an Agtech organization that provides data analytics and insights to the agriculture community. The company provides SaaS solutions to more than 225 agriculture businesses, governments, and non-government organizations. CropIn has a global presence in over 52 countries. By giving predictable and intelligent insights to the farming community, CropIn enables businesses to leverage technology to effectively drive business intelligence.

Crayon Data

Crayon data combines enterprise data with data from multiple external sources to deliver business insights and provide 360-degree visibility of customer trends and experience. They have clients in different industries including Banking, Travel, and Hospitality. Their personalization engine is known as and it delivers personalized experiences to engage customers.


Founded in 2011, Dataweave is based out of Bengaluru. The startup provides business intelligence and e-commerce analytics solutions to its clients. They have a distributed data aggregation platform capable of gathering data from multiple industry verticals and maintain historical storage of the data acquired. It has been providing commerce intelligence globally to many reputed firms and many of the Fortune 500 companies.