Revitalizing Sales of a Leading B2B Tech Distributor
Data Studio
AI Studio
Analytics Studio

The challenge

Amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, our client, a prominent B2B tech distribution company, grappled with the diminishing relevance of bank cards primarily used for travel and international transactions.

A staggering 64% drop in overall billings necessitated a transformative approach to sales.

magic of

Our intervention commenced with a complete data overhaul.

Data Studio enabled the cleaning and curating of CRM and product data. This established a foundation for strategic insights.

AI Studio helped in
Analytics Studio empowered sales personnel by offering a comprehensive view of partner, product, and customer opportunities.

The results

150 K
Reduction in CRM name duplicates
Potential revenue boost in product sales
460 Cr INR
Uncovered in revenue potential
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