Suresh Shankar’s new podcast: Slaves to the Algo – How to stay relevant in the age of AI

Published October 28, 2020   |   

Whether we know it or not, like it or not, our lives have been taken over by algorithms. Slaves to the Algo – How to stay relevant in the age of AI, is a new podcast by Suresh Shankar, the founder and CEO of Crayon Data. In this podcast, Suresh attempts to demystify the age of the algorithm. Join him as he talks to leading professionals in their fields to understand how they are using or being used, by algorithms in their personal and professional lives. Each episode talks about how businesses can leverage the power of data in their strategy, to stay relevant in this new age of AI. 


Slaves to the Algo is launching tomorrow, 29 October, Thursday 

And we’re excited to announce an exciting line up of guests on the show: 

  • TS Anil, CEO of Monzo Bank 
  • John Kim, President of Platform and Marketplaces of Expedia Group 
  • Ian Myles, CEO of area51 
  • Tim Kobe, Founder and CEO of Eight Inc 
  • Ravi Santhanam, Chief Marketing Officer of HDFC Bank 
  • Janardhan Cadambi, EVP Transformation, Risk and Operations – LFI 
  • Jeb Million, VP & Chief Technology Officer of America Express (Middle East and North Africa) 

…And more global leaders from top tech, digital and traditional companies. 

The show will not be geek speak. While Suresh and his guests will discuss algorithms and their implications on our lives and businesses, they will use an array of relatable examples and stories. Every episode promises to bring you a sense of discovery, or discomfort, or both.  

You can listen and subscribe to Slaves to the Algo on: 

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Teasers videos are out now! 

Teaser 1:  Slaves to the Algo Podcast – Teaser 1  

Teaser 2: Slaves to the Algo Podcast – Teaser 2