Slaves to the Algo: To be a digital-first company, work with your mission in mind | TS Anil, Monzo Bank

Published February 23, 2021   |   

TS Anil, the CEO of Monzo, talks to us about how Monzo designs their customer experience. A digital bank by design, they always start with their desired end state in mind. With a single-minded focus on making money work for everyone (their customers), they optimize their processes and product around their mission. As a veteran banker, he uses his experience to share how legacy systems and thinking can hinder a company’s efforts at advancing their use of data and AI. On the topic of talent, he describes his experience with working with millennials as “working with learners, not the learned”.

He also shares his concerns about the future of AI given where he thinks it’s headed. What happens when AI and these algorithms land in the hands of a bad actor? TS calls for sensible regulation in the space of ‘choice’ algorithms and the regulation of new digital banks and fintechs in general.

Listen to this episode to hear TS and Suresh talk about:
1. The challenges incumbent industries face due to legacy platforms
2. Designing tools to help customers make choices that are best for them
3. The culture and profile of digital-first banks
4. The future of traditional service providers versus digital service providers
5. Calls for increased regulation of big-data and tech companies
6. How data holds the ability to nudge consumers toward specific choices

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