Tips for making the most of a new career in coding

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Published December 31, 2020   |   

Children are asked from an early age, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Typical responses aside, are many of those career paths truly fulfilled? It usually takes some time and exploring to really figure out a possible life choice when it comes to work and, even then, it may lose its luster and you move on. So, if you are in this position in your life, a new career path in coding might be just the thing. Of course, it does take some effort to get there, but these tips should help you along the way.

Learn C++, Java, and Python

Java, Python, and C++ are languages used in a number of different projects to create video games, computer applications, and to develop web content. Taking the plunge into the wonderful world of coding will provide you with a career that can take you far in life.

Learning code is just like anything else, it takes time and practice. As you gain knowledge, you’ll be able to take your new skill and apply it to a number of different applications. The nice thing about coding is that it can be done remotely, hence you can work from home on projects. For a lot of people, that is a win-win scenario. Plus, the median pay isn’t anything to scoff at, either.

Get Good at Working as Part of a Group

Coding can be a small group effort or something tackled on a larger scale by many people. Being able to communicate with one or several people in a career that can be done remotely requires technology and that technology is video conferencing. This allows people to gather and discuss business and projects in a central location without having to physically be in the same place. It allows people the freedom to work from home, a library, or even a coffee shop if needed, and still be able to be part of the team, provide insight, and handle issues as they arise outside the traditional work environment.

Get Ready for Tele-Conferencing

Having reliable internet service and good camera hardware to run your video calls is paramount, as no one wants to be “that guy” with a camera that provides a shotty resolution. As technology has grown, the prices of cameras have come down and you no longer have to pay an arm and a leg for a great device. Take a look around and compare cameras against each other to see which features you would enjoy having and, ultimately, which unit will best fit your needs.

Use Top Quality Services

As you work with your co-workers on various projects over time, there will come a moment when you’ll realize that your current setup might be limiting your overall potential. All of your coding needs a place to call home and a host is required. Finding and using one that best suits your company’s needs is essential to your workflow. Having a reputable and reliable hosting node.js service will allow you to work more freely and easily as an individual and as a group on any number of projects you may have running simultaneously.

Be Comfortable, Working From Home Is Still Work

Since coding can be done primarily at home, you should look into upgrading your current home office for ease and comfort. Working off of the dining room table in a wooden chair is all fine and dandy in a crunch, but not for the long term. The first item up for discussion should be your chair. Having a comfortable place to sit for hours on end while you code is important. Finding the right chair for your build and your comfort level might take some time but you should invest the effort as you’ll regret making a rash decision down the line.

With the chair out of the way, the next big piece of furniture you should upgrade should be your desk. Depending on the allotted space you have in your home, choosing the appropriate desk can be tricky. Scour the internet and your local computer store to get a better understanding of what’s available in both your price range and dimensional needs. With a good desk and chair to work from, you’ll be happier overall sitting down to complete your latest project.