Top 12 interesting careers to explore in big data [Infographic]

Published October 19, 2016   |   

Did you just lose out on the promotion you were expecting and are now thinking about how you can take your career ahead?
You could wait for the next promotion, but that would take some time.
If changing a job is your next step, then this is the right time to explore the number of opportunities in data science technology.  Currently, the buzzword in the tech industry is big data. It is not only contributing $15 trillion to global GDP by 2030 but is also going to generate $47 Billion in the next two years.
Exciting, right?
To add to it, companies like Facebook and Amazon are investing heavily in big data to make sense of thousands, if not, millions of data sets to get valuable insights from it.
Well, so how can you benefit from it?
With more investment, there is going to be an even higher demand for specialists who can take complex data and provide valuable insights into it.
Organizations value such experts and they are also well paid. A six-figure salary is only the starting, and you can also switch between different roles that interest you in the course of your career. Some of them are data engineer, big data engineer, business analyst specialist, etc.
Using big data to provide simple solutions to customer problems by looking at past customer data is also sought after by retail companies. Not to be left behind are education, manufacturing, and others like the construction industry. It has led to high demand and a shortage of supply of big data experts. In the next two years along there is going to be a shortage of 140K to 190K people with in-depth analytical skills.
So, are you ready to take your career to the next level? The following infographic can give you the knowledge of interesting big data careers.
Interesting big data jobs