Top Blockchain tech startups in the US

Published June 14, 2018   |   

The blockchain is disrupting various areas of society and it is poised to provide solutions to challenges that we face today. From maintaining health records to real estate, the technology is making a social impact. International brands already investing in this technology, including IBM and Walmart. But these huge companies aren’t the only ones that recognize the technology’s potential. Some startups are embracing it to disrupt all sectors that deal with various data and transactions.
The technology isn’t new. It’s been introduced in 2008. Today, however, blockchain startups are building their platforms around this technology. Some of the companies crowdsource the investments using ICOs. The technology provides new possibilities for new companies in various industries. The interconnectedness among the startups will lead to a diverse ecosystem.
These top blockchain startups are based in the USA and built on the blockchain technology. What are these blockchain startups in the USA that you should look after?


This blockchain startup is a rental platform for tenants and landlords. It was founded in 2017 and facilitate the process of renting, makes it more convenient, secure and transparent. It is also cheaper because it eliminates the need to hire agents and brokers. It provides a network to crowdsource security deposit and establish a network that unfreezes security deposit funds. You can use the platform to screen tenants, pay rent, negotiate rental fees and e-sign contracts. Landlords and tenants can make an educated decision about pricing.
Rentberry has an option of using BERRY token for any transactions. All transactions are stored securely on the blockchain making them more secure than the conventional way of saving data.


It is a blockchain startup based in San Francisco that offers real-time payment system. It allows banks to transact with one another without the use of a central correspondent. You can also use it as a real-time gross settlement system.
It offers a solution that enables companies to access cross-currency liquidity using a distributed network. This process allows the foreign exchange to be sourced from the competitive marketplace or trading desk. Through it, companies can minimizes foreign exchange exposure, and as a result, lower the volatility and the risk of trades.
The platform features insider perspectives, updates, and comprehensive market analysis. It is also considered as the most scalable digital asset that allows real-time global payments.


It mimics’s model. It brings online retailers to form a so-called distributed Amazon. A shopper will have a universal profile that can be used to view shopping history from participating retailers. The shoppers will also receive product recommendations.


It is a version of LinkedIn for businesses that stored on the blockchain. This startup is the first company that focuses on B2B solutions and tokens. It utilizes smart contracts to customize the international trade. It replaces tedious and expensive payment methods. It also implements big data and AI solutions.


To trade your digital currencies, you need a platform. You also need to have an intermediary so that you can communicate with the network. This is where Coinbase comes in.
It is a secure online platform that lets you sell, transfer and buy digital currencies. It is an open financial system for individuals to convert digital currency to local currency and vice versa. It also makes buying and selling any digital currencies a lot easier. Plus, you can use this service to send and receive cryptocurrencies from your friends.


It is one of the most popular crypto exchanges that offer a great number of trading pairs to bitcoin. It operates under strict security protocols and uses two-factor authentication system.


This blockchain platform bridges companies to share valuable information. It offers decentralized blockchain for information that can be replicated across various companies. The company currently targets health care and supply companies. It is also working on integration with auto-insurance industry.

Digital Asset

It provides blockchain solutions to financial institutions. JPMorgan, Accenture, IBM, and Citi are just some of the companies that invested in this service. Digital Asset’s platform is designed to cater to financial institutions around the world.