Reviving Card Relevance: A Resurgence in Travel Transactions in Middle East
AI B2C Marketplace
Travel Assistant
AI Studio

The challenge

Client bank cards, primarily used for travel, lost relevance during the pandemic, resulting in a 64% drop in billings. The challenge was to rejuvenate these cards and their utility.

magic of

Leveraging B2C Marketplace, AI Studio, and Travel Assistant, the solution involved suggesting diverse revenue avenues and executing personalized campaigns.

This aimed at revitalizing the relevance of travel cards in a post-COVID era.

The results

1M USD (0.6% Increase)
Promoting charter yachts to historic and potential travellers
4.35M USD (3% Increase)
Promoting charter flights to historic and potential flyers
3.8M (2.8% Increase)
Promoting staycations through targeted calling of customers by RMs
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