What makes exceptional customer service (and how to get everyone talking about it)

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Published July 28, 2016   |   

How much time do you think about the current state of customer service at your company? Do you know what you’re doing right—and what you’re doing wrong? Most importantly, do you have a process to improve what might be lacking? If you’re not spending time on your customer service, your business will suffer for it.
Even before you’re able to analyze what’s wrong with your customer service, you need to understand the principles behind great customer service. It isn’t just about answering phone calls promptly or replying to emails in a certain time frame. Instead, it’s about certain feelings and responses, such as empathy and generosity—that in the end help to create solutions for your team and your customers.
And the solutions aren’t just fixed to problems; instead, solutions follow a precise formula for figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Time, of course, figures heavily in any exceptional customer service solution, but it isn’t the end-all- be-all. Your customer service must also be unexpected. Perhaps it’s personal. Perhaps you improve things for a customer. There are a variety of options for timely, unexpected ways forward.
The problem with ignoring customer service is that it can quickly get out of control in negative ways. And those negative feelings have a new outlet, thanks to social media: reviews. If customers aren’t satisfied, that will impact your bottom line, and it may impact forecasts, too—if people have a bad experience, they’ll share it.
There are steps you can take to integrate customer service more fully into your day-to-day business processes. That process, as well as a more in-depth look at what it takes to build customer service that wins every time, is the focus of this engaging graphic.
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