AWS Platform
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AI powered platform on AWS to deliver Data, Digital and AI transformation projects for Enterprises. Platform module offerings unlocks the value of enterprise data and enable customer engagement
and enterprise revenue acceleration.
Data as a Service

as a Service

Create end-to-end data management capabilities using AWS


Clean and standardize data with’s proprietary algos


Enrich offer and merchant data with tags, metadata, and creatives

Data as a Service

as a Service

Drive engagement and spends with unique storefronts for each customer


Generate video commerce powered by the engine on AWS


Create white-labeled assets by integrating with a single API

Data as a Service

as a Service 

Generate personalized recommendations for every customer


Refine recommendations in real time, based on every click and interaction


Deliver omnichannel experiences with state-of-the-art AI-curated campaigns

Data as a Service

as a Service 

Leverage’s studios to scale merchant onboarding


Tap into our Global Merchant Repository


Grow your portfolio with AI—driven data insights