Case studies : Saudi Arabia – Marketplace

Powers B2B marketplace for smart city in Saudi Arabia

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The challenge

B2B Buyers spent ~45% of the time just on research. ~75% of enterprise buyers felt that their latest purchase was complex and time consuming. Keeping this in mind, the client wanted to simplify the B2B buying experience through creation of a B2B marketplace

magic of


Fullfill created a B2B marketplace that guides enterprise buyers on relevant solutions and enables sellers to find relevant buyers

Affiliate API
Solved data scarcity problems for enterprise by integrating with 3rd party data
icon Customer Taste Print
Provided a b2c like buying experience – displayed the ratings, reviews and business impact of each solution to ensure informed decision-making.
User API
Simplified enterprise buying and ’click-to-value’ through pre-integrations with enterprise data

The results

csi increase
MVP1 of Marketplace has been launched

Onboarding of buyers and sellers underway