Top 10 ways to improve your data center energy efficiency

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Published September 25, 2014   |   
Paul Rubens

Many organizations have seen their storage requirements explode over the last few years, with total storage capacity growing at a compound annual growth rate of 53%, according to IDC.
With that growth comes a corresponding increase in storage-related energy costs, but escalating energy cost is only one factor driving admins to reduce the energy the storage systems consume.
Another common driver involves supply constraints: you may be reaching the limit of how much electricity can be supplied to your data center – in the short to medium term, at least. That’s a problem if your storage requirements are still increasing. Using more energy-efficient storage provides a way for your capacity to increase even when your electricity supply is maxed out.
There are other reasons too: your organization may have a “green” program with self-imposed energy consumption targets it has to meet, or it may be necessary to reduce the energy consumption of your data center for PR purposes.
The good news is that there is plenty that can be done to ensure you consume electricity more efficiently. Here are the Top 10 ways  to reduce your storage energy consumption – or to power more storage without increasing energy consumption.
1. Replace hard drives with solid state disks
2. Use storage tiering to increase utilization
3. Refresh your storage array equipment
4. Equip your data center with a direct current (DC) power supply
5. Reduce RAID levels to increase capacity and save power
7. Use the cloud
6. Implement better storage software
8. Replace older hard drives
9. Turn on thin provisioning
10. Don’t forget deduplication and compression
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