First open hacker’s challenge – Can you hack Cyber 2.0’s open network?

Published December 28, 2018   |   

Cyber 2.0, a cybersecurity firm headquartered in Israel, has launched the first open hacker’s challenge in the United States.

Open to everyone, the Cyber 2.0 Hacker’s Challenge is being held at Georgia Tech Research Institute in Atlanta on February 14, 2019, from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. All you need to do is to penetrate the Cyber 2.0 Defense system, obtain a confidential file and win the $100,000.

Here is how the challenge works:

  • There will be one Windows 2012r2 file server, one Windows 2012r2 DHCP server, and numerous Windows 10 computers.
  • The file server will be configured for file sharing, for a specific folder.
  • All the computers participating in the challenge will have standard out-of-the-box Microsoft configuration, with updates.
  • The only defense mechanism installed will be the Cyber 2.0 system.
  • Competitors will gain access to the network via a Wi-Fi access point and will receive IP from the protected DHCP Server.
  • Each competitor will receive the admin username and password of the computers participating in the challenge.
  • To win the $100,000, the hacker must gain access to the server and copy a single file.

Notably, Cyber 2.0 hosted a similar competition in June this year, challenging the hackers to hack the company’s defense systems and win NIS 100,000. The competition was open to hackers from across the globe and hundreds participated, simultaneously launching more than 1 million attacks. All, however, had failed.

With the ever-present cyber threats to personal and business data, Cyber 2.0 is the only system in the world that provides total defense against the spread of cyber-attacks within organizational networks.

Cyber 2.0 has created a cybersecurity system that is based on mathematical chaos. In the unlikely scenario that a computer is breached, the program isolates the attack and blocks the virus from spreading.  Additionally, the infected computer cannot send information outside the organization – even if the computer was infected before the installation of Cyber 2.0.

“We totally believe in the Cyber 2.0 program so completely that the firm is willing to put its money where its mouth is,” said Sneer Rozenfeld, Cyber 2.0’s VP of Sales. “As we enter the U.S. market, we felt it is important to demonstrate first-hand to any doubters the dramatic difference and power of our technology. Plus, the $100,000 prize would make anybody’s Valentine’s Day even better.”

For more information or to register for the Cyber 2.0 Hacker’s Challenge, visit